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At some point in vehicle ownership, many people will experience the headache of a scratch or a dent in their vehicle. Whether it's somebody opening their car door into yours by parking too close, a shopping cart at a grocery store, truck or SUV or you back up just a little too far in the parking space and have a little fender bender. Whether it’s a minor fender bender or a major dent, Plaza Motors Collision Center is here to help, no matter what year make and model you have. Our body shop features a team of I-CAR Gold Class Certified and can restore major and minor damage to any year, make and model. Our body shop also handles everything from minor door dings to major dents or body work that can be the result of an automobile accident. If you are looking to fix a minor door ding, need for paintless dent repair in the greater St Louis area or need to replace damaged auto parts, such as fenders, quarter panels, bumpers and more, contact us. You can even use our online photo estimating tool. This online photo estimator allows you to get a free estimate without having to visit our body shop.

Dent Repair Process

At Plaza Motors Collision Center, our teams utilize the latest technology, training, and technical skills to provide the dent repair and removal services for every vehicle. WeI-CAR Gold Class Certified so we can work on every make and model, but we are also factory certified and preferred by many of the top manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, INFINITI and Tesla. Once your vehicle enters our body shop, our technicians are equipped to quickly assess any damage and identify the best repair solution. The process is all part of our greater promise to remove any and all dents and dings to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

So when is traditional dent repair is required? Typically, traditional dent repair techniques will be used when there is a puncture to the body or the metal of your vehicle is stretched upon impact. It will also be needed if the dent is too deep to extract. This type of repair is also appropriate when extensive paint damage from the impact exists, which includes chips or deep scratches. To repair a severely scraped dent, our technicians pull out the crushed area until it is level with the original surface. In some cases, this may even require replacing the damaged areas. Once our technicians achieve an ideal surface and smooth out the affected area, a computerized paint-matching system matches your new paint to the vehicle’s original color.

While Plaza Motors Collision Center offers paintless dent repair to our customers, there are some instances in which traditional dent repair is required. The techs at our body shop, in most cases, remove the exterior body panels, headlights, taillights and the interior panels, as needed, to reach the backside of the dent. We use a variety of specialized tools that reveal the shadows of the dent, which guide the technician’s allows them to restore the damaged area to its original position.

Once our technicians restore the damage, our team will buff and smooth out the affected area. Then it's time for paint. Rather than matching the paint, our team will use the exact paint color from the manufacturer. No need to worry about the damaged area being visible or the quality of the repair being sub-par. The exact paint, rather than a computerized paint-matching system, will give you the exact match so you will be confident that your vehicle will look as good as new. Schedule your appointment today and see why more people are choosing Plaza Motors collision over the competition.

Plaza Motors Collision offers paintless dent repair, but there are times in which traditional dent repair is required in order to fix the vehicle damage correctly. Since our brand certified teams restore the vehicle to proper factory specs, traditional dent repair can be required when the metal or aluminum of your vehicle is stretched upon impact, if the paint is scratched/damaged if the dent is too deep to pull out or if the impact was in a location where paintless dent repair will not restore the vehicle properly. To repair a severe dent, our technicians pull out the damaged area until it is level with the original surface and is aligned properly. In some cases, the area may be crushed beyond repair and a new part, like a bumper or fender, may be necessary. If that is the case, don't worry. Our in house, OEM certified paint team, has all of the correct tools, factory paints and genuine OEM parts you won't find at many other body shops...and the you can tell with the results.

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