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BMW Factory Certified Collision Technicians

We have four highly trained BMW technicians, certified in steel, aluminum and carbon fiber repair. These technicians attend the BMW training center in South Carolina where they are engaged in hands on learning with highly certified trainers. They are educated on how to keep the integrity that’s built into every BMW vehicle. It takes many trips, countless hours and dedication to become a BMW certified Collision Technician.

Mercedes-Benz Factory Certified Collision Technicians

Mercedes-Benz Elite Certification. This is the highest rank that Mercedes offers for training. We have five certified Mercedes technicians. They are required to do online training and go to a state-of-the-art training facility in Texas. The technician's rank is based on the time during which they are enrolled with Mercedes, the online training and the actual hands-on training in Texas. It will take a journeyman technician about 5 years to become a master technician. Even after becoming a master technician these technicians will need to continue their education with Mercedes for as long as they are a Mercedes certified technician.

Land Rover & Jaguar Factory Certified Collision Technicians

Land Rover - Jaguar Aluminum Repair Certification. We are the only shop in St. Louis to have achieved this ranking. Land Rover - Jaguar has a restricted parts sale for their aluminum repairs. The collision center has to go through a rigorous audit for tools and an aluminum clean room to do these aluminum repairs. Once this is accomplished, the technicians must attend not only I-CAR training, but go to two weeks of intensive welding courses and pass various certified welds for Land Rover - Jaguar. If they miss one weld, they fail and will have to reschedule for the complete class. It takes dedication to their certifications for a technician to become an OEM collision certified specialist. This program will take a journeyman technician 3 years to accomplish.

Audi Factory Certified Collision Technicians

Audi Steel and Aluminum Repair Certification. We are the only Certified Collision repair facility to hold both aluminum and steel certifications in St. Louis. This program took over 3 years to accomplish as a Certified Audi Collision Center. Other collision repair shops will tell you they are certified, but Plaza Motors Collision Center is the only collision center certified in both. We have just two technicians that are completely certified. We have two more technicians in training. Audi requires its own clean room for this certification. The clean room that is used for aluminum repairs is like the operating room in a hospital. We cannot allow the two types of metal - steel and aluminum, to contaminate each other, so the dusts are separated by using a clean room and a special dust extractor. These technicians must pass all of the training offered by Audi and retest on welding every two years.

Infiniti Factory Certified Collision Technicians

Infiniti Certified Collision Repair Facility. Technicians need to have an I-CAR certification. The facility must comply with a stringent supply of specialty tools to do OEM certified repairs.